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Medical Billing and Coding Services for General Surgeons

An outsourced billing solution can help general surgeons provide better services. The field of general surgery has complex coding needs due to the variety of diagnoses and procedures involved. Since it also requires scheduled services, general surgery has a billing process that includes verifying canceled and completed procedures. Small and mid-sized general surgery practices can have difficulty processing claims due to these challenges. 

As a healthcare billing company, Secure Healthcare Information Management can help your practice handle surgery billing so you can focus on your patients.

Why Outsource Medical Billing and Coding Services?

A medical billing company understands how to handle claims effectively and efficiently so you can optimize the rest of your operations. All-in-one billing providers like Secure can also help you make the rest of your practice management more efficient and effective.

Thorough Quality Assurance

Throughout the revenue cycle, we regularly verify our claims for accuracy. Our coders and billers work together closely to maintain consistent claims management and produce more accurate results. We can also involve your staff in the quality assurance process by educating them on the codes we use.

High-Accuracy Coding

Our medical billing team understands the standards for general surgery claims and how to achieve a high level of accuracy. They have extensive experience in billing for multiple medical fields, including general surgery.

Maximized Reimbursement

As we manage your claims, we'll strive for the highest level of reimbursement possible. Our precise coding methods enable us to get you the correct amount of compensation so you can maximize your earnings. We also know how to work with quality improvement programs to increase your revenue.

Percentage-Based Fees

To accommodate as many client budgets as possible, we charge a percentage-based fee. We only get paid if you get paid.

Ongoing Compliance

Since billing regulations for surgery change frequently, we dedicate ourselves to following the most current industry standards. Our billing team keeps up with regulations as a critical aspect of their jobs. As a result, we can help your practice comply with standards and improve reimbursement rates.

Personalized Service Packages

Any of our billing and coding customers can request our additional practice management solutions. As our client, you can determine the services included in your plan and adjust them over time. Our surgery clients use solutions like the following:

  • Coding and billing

  • Insurance verification

  • Credentialing and re-credentialing

  • Payroll services

  • Strategic planning and development

  • Training and consulting

We also focus on timely follow-up with insurance denials and insurance accounts receivable to ensure that you receive the amount you are due. Insurance companies will not accept claims past a certain date and payments may not be received if precise timelines are not followed.

HIPAA-Compliant Billing Services for General Surgeons

At Secure, we use HIPAA-compliant technology and billing methods to protect your patients' information. We maintain the latest privacy practices in the industry to ensure that you comply with government privacy regulations. 

General Surgery Billing for Major EHR Systems

If your practice has practice management or an EHR system that you would like to keep, we can work with your existing software. Our team knows how to manage billing for many practice management and EHR programs, so clients can stay with their preferred software. In situations where a customer needs new practice management and EHR software, we can provide you with one.

Contact Us Today

We welcome you to get in touch with us to learn more about our billing solutions. Call us at 855-973-1400 or contact our staff online for more information about our services for general surgery.

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