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Healthcare Insurance Credentialing Services

Let Secure Healthcare Information Management navigate credentialing on your behalf. Our team understands each payer's documents and regulations, so they can manage the process for you. Each of our credentialing experts will work diligently to track your applications' progress and resolve potential issues. As your credentialing service in Allentown, PA, we'll take every measure to ensure that you keep getting reimbursed for claims.

Count on Us for Credentialing and Re-Credentialing

Our experts handle both initial credentialing and the renewal process for our clients. Discover the steps involved in each service.

The Credentialing Process

Medical credentialing involves verifying a healthcare professional's credentials for hiring, granting privileges or joining an insurance plan network. At Secure, we specialize in credentialing for insurance, and we can also assist with the other kinds of credentialing. Credentialing requires extensive paperwork and verification that our experts know how to navigate.

We also focus on timely follow-up with insurance denials and insurance accounts receivable to ensure that you receive your full billable amount. Insurance companies will not accept claims past a certain date and payments may not be received if precise timelines are not followed.

How Re-Credentialing Works

After the credentialing occurs, a provider will need to repeat the process at regular intervals. Re-credentialing ensures that the medical professional still has up-to-date documents. We will assist with resubmitting credentialing paperwork and maintaining the relevant certifications. Proactive re-credentialing will ensure that you receive compensation from insurance providers.

The Secure Difference in Medical Credentialing Services

Clients choose Secure over the competition because of our comprehensive solutions and consultant relationship with each client. As your credentialing provider, we'll become your partner in your practice's success. We'll empower you to combine the services you need to meet your professional goals. Let us guide and support you in these aspects of practice management.

  • Coding and billing

  • Insurance verification

  • Credentialing and recredentialing

  • Payroll services

  • Strategic planning and development

  • Training and consulting

Reasons to Outsource Insurance Credentialing for Physicians

At Secure, we take pride in offering credentialing services that help medical professionals give better care. Our clients count on us for their credentialing needs.

  • Streamlined credentialing process: We will streamline the credentialing process to keep your staff eligible for network participation. Practices that handle credentialing on their own often have to keep track of multiple employees' paperwork. In many cases, they have to leave much of the process to the staff members themselves. When you count on us to handle your credentialing, we'll oversee every step for more efficient results.
  • Consistent and comprehensive applications: With specially trained staff looking over your credentialing paperwork, you'll submit cohesive applications. Our professionals can identify any missing elements before submission to help you get it right the first time. Having the same experts handle your credentialing will also result in more consistent submissions.
  • Timely re-credentialing: Your credentialing team will keep track of your re-credentialing requirements for on-time completion. We will monitor the re-credentialing deadlines for each of your insurance plans to make the process more manageable for you. Our experts will carefully track every part of the process to make sure you keep getting reimbursed for your services.
  • Proactive expirables management: Meeting credentialing requirements involves maintaining multiple types of documentation, and we can assist with the process. We'll manage your document expiration dates and notify you when you need to take action. Our consultants can also help you with the renewal process for any of the paperwork your credentialing needs.

Learn More About Our Medical Billing and Credentialing Services in Allentown, PA

Leave your billing and credentialing to our professionals. Learn more about our comprehensive practice management services today by contacting our staff online.

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