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Human Resource Services for Healthcare Providers

We can save your practice time and money by handling some or all of your HR Functions. Our HR solutions free up your time and resources so you can focus on providing better care to your patients. At Secure Healthcare Information Management, we help practices of all sizes manage their operations. Small to mid-size, independent healthcare providers, in particular, can benefit from our outsourced HR support.

The Value of Outsourced Human Resources for Health Services

With outsourced human resources, healthcare organizations like yours can improve their daily operations. Our human resource solutions offer these benefits to providers:


Our HR outsourcing stays flexible to keep up with your organization's goals. At Secure, we have a flexible business model where you get to choose the solutions that you use. We also stay up to date with best practices in the industry to deliver cutting-edge HR solutions.We also stay up to date with best practices in the industry to deliver cutting-edge HR solutions. Whether you choose to utilize our HR services for comprehensive management of this area or for specific services, you can rest assured that we stay up to date with best practices in the industry to deliver cutting-edge HR solutions that will save you both time and money.

Enhanced Productivity

Through HR outsourcing, you can save the time and effort required for human resource management. Our HR specialists have extensive experience in their field, making it easy for them to give you efficient results. Your team will have more resources to dedicate to other aspects of practice operations.

Cost Savings

A healthcare organization without HR outsourcing can spend thousands of dollars on human resources every year. When you choose outsourced HR, you'll partner with experts who know how to do those jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a result, you can save and reallocate the money that would otherwise be spent completing HR tasks in-house.

Compliance With Regulations

HR healthcare professionals can also assist with compliance with current industry regulations. Every department at Secure makes sure to keep up with changes in policy to provide compliant services. Our HR experts understand how to follow regulations such as HIPAA.

Our Services for Human Resources in Healthcare

Choose as many or as few services as you need for successful human resource operations. Our solutions for healthcare HR include:

Complete Payroll Services, Including Tax Filing

Allow our HR professionals to manage your team's payroll for timely paychecks. Payroll solutions from Secure include tax filing to keep your organization compliant. Let us take the complexity out of this area and provide you with a full-featured payroll solution that will save you time and money.

Assistance With Personnel Management

When you need help with managing your team structure, consider our Personnel Management services. Our personnel management capabilities include employee management assistance, and Policy Handbook design and maintenance. We will help you maintain a satisfied and productive workforce in your organization, while helping you avoid the legal challenges that sometimes occur in this area.

Hiring and Staffing Assistance

The Secure HR support team can also aid with the recruiting process. They will work with you to determine what you need out of your next staff member and target job seekers who suit your goals. Assistance is available with placing ads, interviewing potential job candidates, and onboarding selected individuals.

Employee Benefit Services

Let us help you navigate potential benefits for your employees and administer them fairly. We'll help you find employee insurance plans that give your team the care they need at a reasonable price.Assistance is available with finding and negotiating individual benefits for your team, as well as setting up an overall benefit package that will allow you to better compete for quality individuals to join your team.

OSHA Compliance Systems

Keep your employees safe with comprehensive OSHA compliance support. We offer training and materials that will inform your team about OSHA requirements for your field. When integrated with Payroll, we can track OSHA and HIPAA Compliance for you.

Your Human Resource Company for Healthcare Providers and Organizations

If you need help managing your practice's human resource operations, let us assist. You can contact us at any time or give us a call at 855-973-1400 to learn more about our solutions.

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