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Epic EMR and Practice Management Software

Epic has a practice management and an electronic health record software with a wide variety of features that will help with patient care documentation and your revenue cycle management. Combine that with Secure Healthcare's billing services, and you have a seamless, integrated system that can increase productivity, revenue and patient satisfaction, among other aspects of your practice.

Analytics and Robust Reporting

Part of the power of the Epic software system lies in its analytics and reporting features. Users can create benchmarks and reports based on clinical, financial, quality and process-related data. By linking up the reporting capabilities of Epic with the billing services of Secure Healthcare Services, you can generate highly informative datasets and combine different forms of information to help analyze the success of various metrics and make decisions for the future.

RCM Services From Secure Healthcare Using Epic

Epic and Secure Healthcare Services provide extensive revenue cycle management (RCM) features to help your practice process billing needs in a timely manner and in a way that generates as much revenue as possible. 

A well-handled RCM can help you boost the patient experience, optimize operational spending, meet compliance guidelines and initiatives, and maximize your reimbursements. To get you there, we offer help with many different stages of the RCM, from charge capture to accounts receivable follow-ups.

Telehealth and Mobile Capabilities

Patient convenience is also important. An effective billing system incorporates all of the services that patients expect, like mobile access, where they can better view their information and make convenient payments. Mobile services for providers are also available, enabling faster care from almost any location.

Epic offers a variety of mobile and telehealth features so patients and providers can access the system from wherever they are. With an integrated billing system, a practice can incorporate telehealth charges easily and patients can enjoy greater ease of use.

EMR MyChart and Managing Patient Care

MyChart is an important part of Epic software. It delivers extensive access for patients to their health information with many different capabilities:

  • Provider messaging
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Completing questionnaires
  • Attending e-visits
  • Reviewing care schedules
  • Request assistance in-hospital
  • Accessing educational materials

With a comprehensive approach to patient care, the Epic software system can better contribute to comprehensive billing with people who understand the importance of credentialing and coding. Different aspects of a practice, such as meaningful use and regulatory compliance, can help you maximize profits.

We Work With Epic - Reach Out to Learn More

Secure Healthcare offers billing services that work seamlessly with Epic EHR software and its robust set of tools. We can help you increase revenue through better billing practices and a comprehensive approach to patient care and medical billing.

To learn more about how Secure Healthcare Systems' Epic medical billing software can help your practice, reach out to one of our knowledgeable representatives today.

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