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Medical Coding Services for Healthcare Providers

Consider us your trusted partner in professional medical coding services. Choose from coding, coding audits and coding consulting to achieve your claims management goals. Our solutions help our clients maximize their reimbursements and stay compliant with ever-changing industry regulations. Learn more about the coding solutions we offer at Secure Healthcare Information Management.

The Importance of Medical Coding Expertise

Many healthcare practices try to manage coding by themselves, and they have plenty to gain from expert coding services. By working with a professional service, you'll experience the following advantages:

  • Improved quality of care: Coding has a critical role to play in patient care, making it vital to perform accurately. Medical codes describe the services that you provide to a patient, and this information carries over to future charts. If a patient's information transfers to another provider, their chart's codes will help their future doctors make care decisions.
  • Ongoing compliance with regulations: With healthcare coding regulations always changing, it helps to hire someone dedicated to keeping up. Our professional medical coders follow the latest best practices in the industry to ensure client compliance.
  • Maximized claim reimbursement: Accurate coding from a professional leads to higher reimbursement rates from insurance providers. By following industry standards for coding, our experts will help you maximize the compensation you get for your services.

What Is Medical Coding?

The medical coding process turns medical services, diagnoses, procedures and equipment into universal alphanumeric codes. These codes come from information in a patient's chart or electronic health record. Each medical code communicates a treatment provided and its context to an insurance carrier.

Why Do Healthcare Providers Need Medical Coding?

In the healthcare industry, thousands of medical conditions and services exist. With so many potential situations in medical practice, the industry needs a universal language to describe services. Medical codes consistently communicate different situations and solutions for easier billing and care provision.

How Do Medical Coders Perform Professional Medical Coding Services?

A medical coder translates the information from a treatment session into a universal code. They interpret chart details and notes to assign a code from one of the many coding systems available. While some coders work with common healthcare services, others focus on specific medical specialties. Some situations can require extensive research and discussion to translate a service into the appropriate code.

What Kinds of Medical Codes Exist?

Since the healthcare industry performs medical coding across the world, numerous medical code sets exist. Most countries, including the United States, use the ICD-10-CM. This code classifies medical conditions to determine a service's medical necessity. Additional code sets, such as CPT define the services provided during a session.

How Does Outsourced Medical Coding Work?

Outsourced medical coding services involve the use of a third party for coding. A medical coding outsourcing service provides secure support to healthcare practices to free up their time and resources.

Combining Coding Services With Billing, Credentialing and Other Solutions

At Secure Healthcare Information Management, we encourage our customers to bundle their coding services with our other solutions. We provide a suite of billing and practice management services to support you in your growth. You can add or take away solutions as needed to optimize your clinic's operations. Choose from these options and more.


Combine our coding and billing services for comprehensive claims management. Our coders and billing specialists' capabilities enable us to provide both solutions in one package.

We also focus on timely follow-up with insurance denials and insurance accounts receivable to ensure that you receive your full billable amount. Insurance companies will not accept claims past a certain date and payments may not be received if precise timelines are not followed.

Percentage-Based Fees

To accommodate as many client budgets as possible, we charge a percentage-based fee. We only get paid if you get paid.


Let us handle the difficult and time-consuming process for your insurance plan networks. We offer both credentialing and re-credentialing solutions.

Revenue Cycle Management

As a further extension of our coding and billing services, our billing specialists can oversee your entire revenue cycle.

Practice Management Support

In addition to claims and revenue management, we have a wide range of practice management capabilities. Consider these services for your operations:

  • Practice management consulting
  • Insurance credentialing and re-credentialing
  • Human resources support
  • Electronic health records (EHR)
  • Training and education

The Secure Difference in Remote Medical Coding Companies

We set ourselves apart in our industry through our flexibility and dedication to our customers. Our advantages over other coding services include:

  • Flexible service plans: As a Secure client, you'll get to choose the services you need for your practice. We develop custom packages for every customer to make sure we provide the solutions they need. Combine coding, billing, EHR and practice management services to your liking to achieve your goals in growth.
  • Robust EHR capabilities: Many customers who want to keep their existing EHR systems can receive integrated coding from Secure. We know how to work with most major software programs, so we can accommodate your workflow. If you would like to try a new system, you'll find that we also offer our own EHR with comprehensive support.
  • Consultant-like relationship: At Secure, we also differentiate our business through our approach to customer service. We take on a role similar to that of a consultant, guiding you through our solutions. Our clients can always reach out to us for expert advice on managing their practices.

Advantages of Working With Secure

Our business in Allentown, PA, uses a customer-oriented approach that you can't get from larger providers. The benefits of partnering with our smaller company include:

  • Personalized services: Your Secure representative will tailor your customer experience to what you want and need from a coding or billing solution.
  • Simple communication: With our business operating from a single location, you'll be able to easily get in touch with your Secure team members.
  • Medical coding and audit consultants who care: Most importantly, our staff cares about our clients' success. As our customer, you'll have our support through every step of coding, billing and practice management.

HIPAA-Compliant Medical Coding Outsourcing Services

To meet HIPAA regulations, medical practices must use the proper codes and submission processes. We keep our coders up to date with the latest standards to ensure your compliance. Our billers also understand how to use electronic data exchange formats in line with HIPAA rules.

Count on Us as Your Medical Coding Consultant Company

We will gladly assist you with any questions you have about our coding, billing and practice management solutions. Learn more about outsourcing your medical coding by contacting our staff today.

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