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Secure Healthcare Specializes In Billing Services for a Variety of Different Specialties and Healthcare Providers.

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NextGen Practice Management (PM) and EMR Software

If your practice uses the NextGen software, you already have a system in place that's perfectly suited to help you improve your billing methods.

By integrating the NextGen software with Secure Healthcare's billing service, you will find benefits that improve your everyday operations, maximize revenue cycle management, and improve your overall experience.

Integrated Practice Management and Medical Billing to Manage Your Day-to-Day Operations

Medical Billing can be complicated and a time-consuming process but Secure Healthcare can help you improve your processes and increase revenue. There are many benefits, such as:

  • Seamless data transfers. Send CPT/Diagnosis codes easily and accurately from NextGen's EHR to the practice manager. Claims can also be reviewed for proper coding prior to being sent to the insurance companies or to the patient. Claims will be sent to the clearinghouse daily.
  • Faster processing. With claims going out daily electronically, you will be reimbursed in a shorter period of time. Claims will be scrubbed for any errors prior to being sent.
  • More accurate billing. Accurate billing processes can increase revenue, allow more time to spend on patient care and peace of mind.

Maximize Your Revenue Collections and Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare practices can lose revenue due to ineffective billing methods and denied claims. Secure Healthcare's billing services and NextGen software, can improve your revenue collections, decrease days in AR and overall improve your revenue cycle management.

We can handle all stages of the revenue cycle management, including coding, claim submission, patient collections and accounts receivable follow-up.

You choose what services you want us to handle. We do not get paid for our services until you do! 

Patient Portal

A lot of patients like having a patient portal where they can make or cancel appointments, have a list of their medications and allergies, see a summary of their visit, and more.

Patients can update demographic and insurance information, view their patient statements and pay their bill on-line.

Telehealth and Mobile Capabilities

NextGen has an integrated telehealth mobile product for times when face-to-face contact may not be safe or convenient, Secure Healthcare handles all types of telehealth coding and billing for all different specialties accurately and efficiently.

Percentage-Based Fees

To accommodate as many client budgets as possible, we charge a percentage-based fee. We only get paid if you get paid.

Contact Us Today to Learn More

Our billers and coder care about the success of your practice. Partner with our team to take care of your revenue cycle management and practice needs. Call us at 855-973-1400 or contact our team online to learn more.

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